Top 3 Ways To Future Proof Your Skillset

Are You Ready To Fourth Industrial Revolution?

By 2025, we all believe that we’ll be living in a truly technological world. Software and technological tools are always changing so it’s highly probable that they might be different by then. With this in mind, a very important question stands: as a candidate or employer, how can you make sure that you’ll future-proof your skillset?

The “The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Here—Are You Ready?” report by Forbes and Deloitte show that only 22% of surveyed employers believe that “the uncertain impact of Industry 4.0 on the workforce will be one of the top issues affecting their organizations.’’ But are companies and employees doing everything they can in order to be ready for the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution? 86% of the executives who answered the survey believe they’re doing it. However, given that technology is constantly evolving, there’s always an opportunity to develop new skills.

According to Steve Bell, our Group Development Director, “For the 1st time ever, technology is omnipresent, across all industries and with new products and solutions entering markets at an explosive rate, it is more crucial than ever for companies to analyse their employees’ capability and adaptability in this area. An employee’s ability to learn and adapt quickly to new technology in the workplace is becoming one of the key differentiators for increased performance and advancement.’’ Embracing these changes will be the first step to understand how technology works, what it delivers and how our own work can improve with that.

Facing the fact that technology will always have an impact on the way we work, or even live, this is the first step to overcome any challenges that might come. However, what actually makes a difference is when organisations and employees start thinking about developing hard skills that will help them to be on top of everything that’s going on with their industry.


How To Future Proof Your Skillset

Although we can’t predict the future, by staying ahead of the game, candidates and employers can define which will be the hard skills they should be thinking about developing in the next few years. There are 3 ways to tackle this and make sure everyone is ready for the ever-changing world of technology:

  • Always be on the lookout for any changes. It’s critical to make sure you will be aware of any updates that might affect the industry or tech role you’re working in. All changes (digital, consumer, economic or political) can affect you, so it’s crucial that you know exactly what’s happening and how it can impact you. Additionally, why don’t you look for any future competencies that might be useful for you in the future? This way you manage to always be one step ahead and to show that you’re going the extra mile.
  • Soft skills, it’s all about soft skills. Being aware that the future is unpredictable and that your tech skills are always evolving, there’s one thing that you can focus on: developing your soft skills. These will always be required for any type of role and tend to be seen as an advantage that can make a difference when you’re working or trying to find another job.
  • Seek global experiences. Technology has allowed globalisation to grow over the last years. With this, the need to work with different cultures and countries has also grown. Nowadays, and especially in the future, employers may be asked more frequently to have international mobility and the option to work from abroad. Your willingness to share your technical knowledge internationally can make a difference and can even help you become a recognised global employee.

So roll-up your sleeves and start by defining the hard skills that you or your company will need to have in a couple of years. Planning will help you be ready and successful.


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