A Tour of Europe in Tech Headlines

In the past couple of days, there has been a visible increase in commercial Tech activity throughout Ireland and our International network. For all of us, it is an important time to see how businesses are adapting, innovating, expanding and providing solutions.

Here are a few insights that Stelfox has spotted this week:

Growth in Belfast Tech

We have seen exciting developments in Belfast, with the London-based Inbotiqa creating 14 posts in a new technical hub, with roles such as QA and Machine Learning Engineering in a company that provides sophisticated platforms for tracking and managing emails (within high-volume mailboxes).

Redefining Business

It is anticipated that Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will be some of the technology trends that will redefine business practices in the next three years. Irish Business and IT executives accounted for more than 100 of those sampled in the report, which found that 83% of Irish Business Leaders now considered technology an ‘inextricable’ part of the human experience.

AI: European Response

There have been calls from the highest levels to regulate Artificial Intelligence, in line with its growth (with the need for uniform regulations in order to properly deal with such expansion).

This topic, as it develops has the potential to be a Tech Headline for many years to come.

Dublin: FinTech Leader

The FinTech community in Dublin have once again been noted for their success, having developed a  significant technology footprint and a positive, welcoming ecosystem (inclusive of industry-leading startup accelerators and incubators).

This has been a particularly exciting headline for Stelfox to read, with such confidence in tech present in our home base.

Co-operation in Cloud Operations

Deutsche Bank, based out of Frankfurt have announced plans to partner with Google in order to boost its ‘cloud computing’ capabilities. This has the potential to provide significant expansion within the European market and it unites Finance and Tech in an effort to improve security, analytics and cash flow forecasting.

These have been some of the most standout Tech Headlines of the week, visit www.stelfox.com or our LinkedIn feed soon for more insights into the Tech and Commercial world around us.

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