Venture Development: Stelfox and Startup Incubators in Germany

Germany has become a leading force in the trend of accelerating growth for startup companies.

Startup hubs are a focal point of investment, innovation and development.

The International Team at Stelfox continually looks to growing markets to match the perfect tech candidate with the ideal location and company.

This is no more evident than in Germany, an exciting trading space offering tech candidates & clients the chance to thrive within its extensive startup incubation environment.

This nucleus supports startups whose mission matches with those venture developers, but with success rates and overall long-term viability ranging from 20-30%, the sector is highly competitive.

However, for the successful startup team, there is everything to gain.

These diverse offerings deliver profitable and innovative exchange spaces for budding entrepreneurs and proactive investors.

Resulting from this is a wide-ranging venture development industry which Stelfox is proud to act with as a recruitment partner.

These startup builders provide not only a platform for investment but for recruitment firms like Stelfox to deliver employment options for I.T./Tech/Software candidates.

Engage & Exchange: Where?

A variety of startup incubators are located in leading German cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg, and have delivered wide opportunities for tech workers.

Active, fast-paced investment into new product and service developments is taking place.

These accelerators are providing funding solutions and insightful expertise to startups, bringing a business concept from initial success to that of a viable concern.

Germany is an impressive market to concentrate on employment and investment opportunities.

This is a selection by Stelfox – European Markets of some of the best venture developers who are contributing towards the healthy and supportive startup incubator scene in Germany.

Otto Group Digital Solutions. 

Based in the Harbour City of Hamburg Otto Group Digital Solutions focuses on building a digital future.

They are actively looking for upcoming digital investment opportunities in areas as far-reaching as e-commerce, fintech and logistics support processes.

Their dynamic, forward-looking team of company builders, inclusive of industry names such as Frauke Mispagel and Alexandra von Bastian are focused on creating a portfolio of valuable companies.

This business-to-business approach of project implementation incorporates aspects such as ‘Asset light’.

This concept involves pre-existing operations being approached and partnered with.

Profits are equitably shared without one side having an overburdening capital investment.

Liquid Labs.

Liquid Labs is a prime example of one of their units, integrating several successful entrepreneurs and investors with technologists to invest in and build multiple businesses.

This diverse team has implemented high-calibre R&D processes to create and produce output.

Their development approach includes several tests such as;

(i)                  Comparing the DNA of the Otto Group against the partner organisation

(ii)                Structured testing and learning in the marketplace

(iii)               A 2-5 year plan which will continue to support the incorporation and provide expertise, alongside financial & operational support.


FoundersLane are a Berlin-based corporate venture builder focuses on providing traditional companies in regulated industries with strategically relevant digital ventures.

The venture builder works with large, established companies to enable innovative growth by harnessing their strong legacy assets like customer base and market access.

They believe that by creating a portfolio of ventures a corporation can remain strategically relevant as their sector undergoes disruption.

Under the stewardship of co-founder & CEO Felix Staeritz, the team of tried-and-tested tech entrepreneurs, execute new digital business models, at speed.

FoundersLane has a wide network of venture partners with deep domain expertise who they collaborate with for accelerated venture building.

The digital ventures are primed for growth and deliver results at an early stage of market entry.
So far, their venture machine has produced over 20 ventures, built, together with high-profile companies including Vattenfall, Trumpf, Klöckner, Biffa and Braemer.

Rocket Internet.

Rocket Internet strives for investment from their base in Berlin into pre-existing small to medium-sized companies.

Their platform consists of wide-ranging operational support which will lead to company growth in both size & scale.

These impressive supporters of future market-leading entrepreneurs incorporate high-level operational support strategies.

The creativity of the initial start-up team is maintained, whilst innovative scaling takes place in the background.


Berlin’s Bridgemaker is one of the leading independent corporate venture builder in Europe.

They are building with their partners innovative new business models for the future. Their USP is the end-to-end delivery from finding or validating new ideas to the final incubation and growth of new corporate ventures. Bridgemaker was founded in 2016 by Henrike Luszick and has currently over 100 employees.


Stryber is a corporate venture builder founded by Alexander Mahr and Jan Sedlacek.

Consisting of a team of startup founders and strategy developers who develop digital businesses primarily in the e-commerce, fintech and digital health arenas, their team has quickly grown from 5 to 70.

Their portfolio includes their own startups and also managing elements of expansion on behalf of their clients.

They undertake a balanced and leveraged approach, knowing that by the spreading of risk throughout multiple ventures it can result in greater returns.

Stryber currently has a particularly exciting partnership with Migros, one of the biggest retailers in Europe and Switzerland’s largest employer.

Examples of their efforts at implementing digital businesses include, which unites Independent retailers and wholesalers, providing an online selling platform and an ethical and sustainable fashion website.

Their team of ‘Venture Architects’ provide a tailored approach to innovation, growth and corporate strategy.

Stryber creates strategic venture portfolios with corporates and fundamentally improves business processes by creating ‘truly digital’ options.

With offices in Munich, Zurich and Kyiv, they have a firm focus on growing in the DACH region and throughout Europe by improving the digital strategy framework of their clients and associate companies.

“We have the ambition to not only build startups for our clients but also launch our own ventures” – Stefan Richter – Chief Product Officer at Stryber


Candylabs was founded in 2013 and is under the direction of MD Benjamin Bauer.

It is a venture building company operating in banking, insurance, food/beverages with an emphasis on M&A.

With over 200 collaborative projects completed thus far, their expertise is in start-up development.

Candylabs has a passion for delivering high-quality technical-products has delivered successful technological solutions for its business partners.[1]

Based in Frankfurt, they provide digital support and building possibilities for startups.

With 16 permanent employees of their own, they are currently engaged with up to 12 companies in the process of starting up.

Each of these businesses has diverse service offerings, and the German marketplace is fortunate to be composed of innovative venture builders who see the value of an investment in time and expertise.

This helps to ensure that startups in sectors such as tech and I.T. grow and flourish.

Like these businesses, Stelfox looks to providing IT Recruitment, Consulting and Executive Search solutions to new clients & applicants.

To learn more about what roles Stelfox is hiring for in Germany right now, search our live jobs here

To find out more about the locations and functions of some startup opportunities visit;




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