Virtual Mindset and Blended Work Life

At Stelfox, our home of IT Contracting is working remotely in a virtual online office for the time being due to COVID-19 restrictions. The new realities of a blending the virtual and physical worlds are factors that our tech community has always embraced, and it is a winning strategy that has made us better equipped for recent reliance on Virtual Communication Tools.

Are you considering the IT Contractor route, or are you experienced in this area but currently staying in one set physical location, accessible virtually through Zoom, Webex or Hangouts? Are you in the mindset for a new way of working or a temporary change in how you search for jobs?

Here is a quick guide into how you can build your brand as an IT Contractor using modern communication solutions!

Build and Create: Your Virtual Working Plan

This is a plan that can be used by all in the job market, from Recruiter to Hiring Manager, to IT Contractor.

Assess your capabilities and your value in building a new approach, professionalise your home workspace and show employers and tech consultants that you have adopted the mindset for new ways of working.

Our clients in IT Contracting are passionate about focused, project-oriented individuals. Show your potential in this period of development and change in technological resources!

Creative Ways to Showcase your Personal Brand

Utilise your social media presence through LinkedIn to show that you are confident, adaptable and skilled IT Contractor, who is Actively Engaged in the search for opportunities, who can work reliably, whether virtually or physically.

Become familiar with this new, blended approach to working, it is the future!

Be prepared that some project-based roles will work better with an on-site IT Contractor, but maybe it is the perfect time to completely re-adapt and showcase your focus through new means.

Be Practical: Check out locations

From companies returning their staff on a phased basis to co-working spaces taking steps to accommodate freelancers, contractors and companies, it is a changing time (but it is being aided by a sophisticated Communications infrastructure).

Before you go on the IT Contracting journey, whether in Ireland or out to the European market, check these aspects out to make yourself a dependable, accessible candidate.

In an initial consultation with a Recruiter or Hiring Manager, they may be impressed that you have taken the initiative to source locations, to consider the very modern practicalities of working life in 2020 (and your willingness to bring your skill set to new environments).

Our expert team of consultants can guide you through the practical steps of either setting up your workspace remotely or being future-focused (and embracing the virtual approach until the anticipated return of all physical working locations).

Meet Stelfox for a Virtual Chat

Speak to us about ways of contracting, and communicating remotely. We can guide you through our exciting client base and the IT Contracting opportunities that will align with your skills and experience.

There is greater confidence in the marketplace, we are seeing more roles arriving and it is our mission to facilitate you with this. Perhaps your Virtual Chat with us will lead to your realising what you want and how you are going to focus. 

Build your relationship with us, share your skills, your career ambitions and we will work with you on the journey to find your perfect role and IT Contracting match.

It is all in the mindset and the practical ways you communicate with your colleagues and your network. A solution-oriented tech candidate, particularly a short-term IT Contractor will be competitive and in demand.

To discuss opportunities get in touch with our Contract team at [email protected]

Call us at 01-6793182 / 021-4273668 and visit our Stelfox LinkedIn platform, a network of over 30,000 tech subscribers.

Image: pexels


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