Well-being: Your Return To Work after Lockdown

Well-being is a key concern as many of us return to work in physical locations. The ways in which we contribute to our social and working environments have changed, with new responsibilities and practicalities to consider.

Accessibility and Contribution

If your health & safety responsibility to your home environment has changed, now is the time to showcase to your workplace how you can increase efficiency and deliver greater value by working remotely (or embracing a hybrid approach).

You will deliver more value if you are comfortable in your workspace (whether from home or the office). Employers and employees will benefit from this transparency.

Inclusive Approach

This is a time where employees require support in familiarising themselves with new workplace demands. Communication is key and involves engagement and understanding of concerns before returning physically.

It is worth gaining insight into how team members are dealing with the transition back to the office or indeed if remote-working options are worth retaining, this can positively impact on productivity and well-being.

Employee Engagement

70% of employees surveyed by the University of Houston indicated that they would prefer to continue working remotely. This is a concern that the modern workplace must take into consideration.

The ways in which we return to work has changed, for the foreseeable future. It is a transitional period that will thrive on transparency, engagement and creative ways of making working environments functional and profitable.

Companies and organisations who are proactive in this approach will gain from employees who are constructive, enthusiastic and open to a return to the new form of working week.

Future of workplace well-being

From some of the best-known companies and organisations to sporting and voluntary bodies. Every structure that requires public interaction has had to change in order to keep the well-being of their teams in mind.

Routes of access and how the most traditional tasks are done are now different, and it is an approach that will continually adapt as we all become more physically present (or embrace the hybrid model).

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