What changed for Recruiters and Candidates since COVID-19 started? 3 Stelfox Recruiters share their insights.

We asked Recruiters from 3 of our divisions what has changed for them since early 2020 and the beginning of the pandemic in Europe. Suzanne Brophy, Associate Director – Contracting Division, Alicia Bock Grava, Senior Consultant – International Division and Peter Young, Principal Consultant – Permanent Division, share their insights:

1/ How has your approach/relationship with candidates and clients changed since the start of the pandemic? Communication-wise, being selective/proactive etc….

Suzanne & Peter: We are now doing a lot more communication via phone and video calls using FaceTime / WhatsApp/ Zoom, whereas previously we would have met a lot of my candidates particularly at final interview and offer stages when possible. This currently is not possible with Covid-19.

Alicia: In my case, the approach and relationship haven’t changed much. As part of the international division, I don’t have the opportunity to be interviewing candidates face to face, it has always been through phone and video calls. What I did notice, however, is that in the current scenario people are more open to having video calls than before. 

2/ What are the top 3 things that working from home has brought into your life that you see lasting after restrictions ease up?

Suzanne: More flexibility around remote working, self-ownership of my recruitment desk & more autonomy in my role.

Alicia: Yes exactly, the shift into a hybrid work is here to stay. I don’t think we will see a fully remote or fully on-site setup happen, but where possible, employees will have a choice.  

Peter: Same here, the hybrid set up has brought me a better Work / Life balance and less Travel / Commuting time (non-daily travel to the office can save me an hour and a half daily!) . I have also seen an increase in my work productivity – fewer Interruptions, quieter working environment, more focused on tasks etc…

3/ Any advice for Tech candidates who are struggling to find work during the pandemic? CV/Interview/Job search/Presentation tips?

Suzanne: Ensure CVs are updated and current, grammar and spellings are carefully gone through and CVs read as relevant as possible for each job. Generally, clients like CVs that are maximum 3 pages long. It is worth spending time on a CV as you need to catch the recruiters & hiring managers’ attention when reviewing multiple profiles!

Candidates need to up-skill on the latest technologies as much as possible all the time. This is very important in technology and in my opinion is viewed highly with clients when a candidate is between roles.

I advise all candidates to make sure they are very comfortable and at ease in doing phone and video-based interviews as some might not be. It is crucial to build strong rapport and a good flow as it is not as easy in these styles of interviews compared to on-site interviews.

Alicia: I second that, Suzanne, about tailoring your CV for the role you are applying for, it is paramount! I also always say to my candidates to be well prepared for interviews, search as much as you can about the company and show your value, how can you contribute. 

Improve your communication and leadership skills, which are often lacking among tech profiles. 

For job search, don’t be afraid to ask a Recruiter to help you. Find one that you feel comfortable with and make sure to establish a good relationship, they will be your best friend ?

Peter: Be visible – Create or Update your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is where most recruiters spend their time sourcing candidates. Including your up-to-date information, skills, responsibilities, academic/ professional qualifications go a long way in making yourself more visible/appealing to recruiters. 

Tailor your CV for each position you apply for, highlighting your relevant skills, attributes, qualities which the job requires.

Use job search websites/ boards – Set up email notification alerts on Monster/ Glassdoor/ LinkedIn, etc. to be notified as soon as a new suitable vacancy opens up. This allows you to be reactive and proactive at the same time.

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