Why Switch to Contracting?

We have built our connections in not only finding the perfect Contracting opportunities for Tech Talent, but also in the wider reaches of Professional Services.

Executive Search is a key part of our mission, and there are very broad range of exciting placements on offer. This is leading our candidates to opportunities with some very well-known names.

Helping to Organise a Professional Services Environment

Have you considered an exciting career move,  such as bringing your planning and operational skills to varied new environments? Would you thrive on this diversity, whilst powering enterprises through your people skills and ability to grasp the need for change?

Be a Communicator: Project Management

With Project Management needs as wide-ranging as Business Metrics and Data Interface enhancement, our network can match you to exciting contracting opportunities in every type of industry (and location).

Bring your exceptional communication skills, which can set you apart from other candidates, whether you are looking for new possibilities as an IT Contractor or in related disciplines such as Project Management.

This allows you to implement core business improvement tasks such as directing projects and charting & reporting key requirements, all whilst promoting interaction and mutual understanding amongst all stakeholders.

It is your opportunity to encourage learning & development, and to direct and grow organisational capacity!

Capacity Planning

The need for a PMO or short-to-medium term contractor often emerges quickly and tends to fulfil a particular commercial need. As a result of this, companies will require a fast-acting Capacity Planner who can revitalise and uplift a range of organisational functions. This results in high demand and high rates of pay!

This can often attract a creative and analytical person who can managing resources well, who is aware of external factors such as Risk & Compliance and ensures that objectives are met.

Change: Anticipating & Estimating

Although Project and Business Management roles are outside of the traditional IT Contracting sphere, these areas are fundamentally interconnected. In this time of real change in the market, specific PMO requirements can emerge instantly and we are eager to speak with you to discuss your next (or future) step!

Project Enhancement

You will be a person who expertly visualises the working life of an organisation, in both front and back-of-house. You will arrive with key principles in mind and be a significant force for providing solutions and outlining key performance targets throughout the organisation.

Consider our experienced and expert Contracting team at Stelfox to guide you on your journey, to introduce you to our network and to find that perfect role where you can gain professionally, socially and financially from the life of an IT Contractor.

Call us today at Stelfox – The Home of IT Contracting at 01-6793182, email us at [email protected] or check out the range of roles on our website and LinkedIn feed.

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