Your IT Contracting Possibilities

As leaders in the IT Contracting field, our connections and clients have given us an excellent insight into this multi-disciplinary part of tech practice, and what is trending, popular and prime in the Irish and European marketplaces.

Software Solutions

Make sure to get in contact with our Stelfox team if you are considering the IT Contractor route, we are happy to discuss the value you can deliver to enterprises with your coding and software skills.

  • The most widely used coding languages on commercial projects here in Ireland are Java, followed by C#. Java Software Engineering is the top market!
  • In addition to this, server-side Javascript is continuously increasing its presence.
  • Some of the best known IT Contractor roles include Senior Java Engineers, Java Leads and Java Technical Architects, and with each project having a specific focus the range of roles can vary significantly (and attract some of the most exciting specialities).
  • We are happy to speak with specialists in all Software Languages, they are all in demand.

Who’s Hiring?

Our network is largely focused on Enterprise Organisations who will have multiple streams of projects ongoing, with a higher ratio of contractors on-site to smaller organisations.

The IT Contractor approach is wide and varied and we can guide you in the fascinating direction of Financial Services, Insurance, Telecoms, Governmental Agencies, Healthcare and Pharma who all value Skilled Contractors.

  • Software Houses and IT/MSP Contracting Organisations are also very significant parts of the IT Contracting world.
  • IT Contractors are found and in demand in all areas, and professionals are taking exciting opportunities to enter the Contractor sphere from areas (including Software Development, DevOps and QA).
  • Contracting itself is also a ripe area to explore if you come from a Project Management or Business Analysis background, it is a lucrative route accessed from all parts of Professional Services.

Our experienced  Contracting team at Stelfox can guide you on this exciting way to map out and develop your Contracting journey. Trusted with our expertise in this field, we can place IT Contractors into a wide variety of clients across our network.

Contact our Contract team today at 01-6793182 or email [email protected]

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