Aisles of Change: The Digital Revolution

The Digital Revolution has fully integrated itself into all areas of our lives. And recent months have shown how quickly the consumer approach can change through Digital Transformation, how traditional functions can be further digitised and how tech is playing a role in making expanded Digital Domains safe and accessible.

Pharmacies leading the way to the revolution

We have seen new ways of accessing essential services such as pharmacies, where client and staff safety is prioritised and put first.

Pharmacies were one of the first to herald this new approach and are an exciting model to look at as we see the reopening of businesses in Ireland and our European network.

In these modern times, you can expect innovative concepts such as virtual shelving options being launched, new touch-screen points-of-sale being enhanced and the minimisation of floor space (by moving excess products away from public access).

Supermarkets – Aisles of Change

Supermarkets are core parts of the revolution in the area, with an ever-increasing reliance on digitisation and automation; this can be initiated from improving their apps and delivery options (thereby limiting footfall and congestion).

Here you will meet new digital interactive spaces, a greater reliance on instantaneous apps which are highly adaptable to social distancing requirements, in addition to the established practices of online shopping and self-checkouts.

Consumers of Virtual Reality

This is the area that stands out the most and is set to change the way we experience our retail options as we move into the future.

Have you considered bringing your tech design skills to VR and AR? It is a cutting edge area attracting the best tech talent, changing the way we see the world. This is a time where light and discreet forms of Virtual Reality lenses are being prototyped, in such a fast-changing world this form of change is surely soon to arrive.

There is a need for new and safer experiences and it is one to look at, but in the more traditional sense for time being!


In Conclusion, we are experiencing a changing world, changing spacings and an extension into the online domain to achieve greater space.

What could be more exciting for the tech community than to witness solutions that are aiding all of us as we go about a change in the way we live. In the past few months, we have witnessed previously unforeseeable strategies and concepts being welcomed. These are the components that are bringing us back to business.

As leaders in IT and Tech recruitment, we have been particularly interested in these developments here at Stelfox. They have shown that creativity and ingenuity in tech are helping to power new realities in the world. Our team looks forward to seeing how it grows!

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