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Since 2008, we have established a strong partnership with Indreni, an international foundation to support impoverished children in Nepal.

Stelfox Founder Keith Molony, met Indreni founder Ram Hari Khadka whilst in Nepal, and ever since has been heavily involved with Indreni at a strategic level. Stelfox has indefinitely committed a percentage of our annual profits to Indreni, to support the fantastic work they are doing. In addition, Stelfox employees have been heavily involved in fundraising efforts.

They provide quality education, healthcare and a loving home where children can develop, grow and be encouraged to reach their unlimited potential.

As a charity organisation, Idreni's main objectives is to ensure that every poor child gets an equal opportunity to enjoy their rights of proper care and education so that they grow up to become responsible citizens and better human beings that can positively give back to their society

When a child grows up in poverty, deprived of basic needs, the child lacks normal growth and development. Every child has a right to proper education and care and to enjoy their growth and freedom and should not be exploited to do forced labour or otherwise. These are not just mere children but the future of Nepal and one day potentially the leaders of the nation whether it be in government, business or otherwise.

When a child is well educated, he/she becomes aware of social issues and becomes a responsible parent who will never let his/her children be deprived of their rights. A well educated person can easily get a job or create one and help improve their individual situation as well as that of society.