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Best Javascript Recruitment Agency in Ireland 2023

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Best Javascript Recruitment Agency in Ireland 2023

Stelfox has been awarded Best JavaScript Recruitment Agency in Ireland by JavaScript unquestionably holds its position as the most pivotal programming language globally. Prominent online giants such as Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Yahoo!, Amazon, Facebook, eBay, LinkedIn, and Twitter have harnessed the power of JavaScript to construct their platforms. Virtually every element a user engages with on these websites has been crafted by developers using JS.

So what exactly is JavaScrip, here we explain the basics.
JavaScript stands out as the predominant, versatile scripting and compiled programming language, boasting first-class functions. This language, conceived by Brenden Eich in 1995, is renowned for its role as a scripting language in web pages, mobile applications, web servers, and numerous other domains.

What are the differences between Java and JavaScript?
JavaScript is a client-side scripting language, whereas Java is an object-oriented programming language. These two are fundamentally distinct from each other.

JavaScript is a lightweight scripting language, mainly utilised for creating interactive web pages.
It enables the insertion of dynamic text into HTML elements.
JavaScript is commonly referred to as the language of web browsers.

Java, on the other hand, is among the most popular and extensively used programming languages.
It is an object-oriented programming language that operates on a virtual machine platform.
Java’s unique feature is “Write Once, Run Anywhere,” as it allows you to create compiled programs that are compatible with almost any platform.

Learning JavaScript can open up many career opportunities including Web Developer, Mobile App Developer, Front-End Web Developer, Web Designer, System Administrator, Security Engineer and many more, the list goes on.