Your Return to Work after Lockdown

The world of work has changed in the past couple of months, from how we access offices and co-working spaces to embracing Remote and Hybrid options.

It is a time when travel, commuting and operational practicalities are ever-changing, however, diverse tech roles are still out there. Perhaps it may be a good time for you to consider IT Contracting opportunities, and the solutions you can deliver to organisations.

Here are a few considerations in approaching this route:

Communication and Accessibility

Showcase your potential as an IT Professional by professionalising your home workspace, and enhance this by ensuring that you are equipped with reliable, high-speed internet access. This is a necessity in the modern workplace where physical working options are not always possible.

One way to add value to your application is to show how you can protect important and sensitive business data whilst working remotely.

Remote and Hybrid Considerations

In IT, tech and a wide variety of industries, it is important to note that for the time-being contracts may be offered on a remote-working basis. However, with the very nature of IT Contracting, you will be contributing to the environment for a specific project and the ways in which you work will be set out.

New Demands of Contractors and Hiring Managers

Clients require Contractors who can distinguish themselves and provide hands-on experience to their organisations. Roles are available for talented candidates.

Reliable and innovative candidates can also gain from this in fulfilling critical Business needs and engaging with team members based nearby in physical locations, or in the wider network.

Check out our Live Jobs!

If you are open to change and new working opportunities, then check out our Live Jobs and tailor your IT Contracting approach to the new way of working.

Consider our experienced and expert Contracting team at Stelfox to guide you on your journey, to introduce you to our network and to find that perfect role where you can gain professionally, socially and financially from the life of an IT Contractor.

Call us today at Stelfox – The Home of IT Contracting at 01-6793182, email us at [email protected] or check out the range of roles on our website and LinkedIn feed.

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