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Contract Recruitment

Ensure your projects are delivered at critical stages with the addition of contract IT staff to complement your existing workforce. 

We have an unrivalled network of IT contract & consultancy talent accumulated since our establishment in 2001. With over 50% of our recruitment requests aligned to contract hiring, we provide contracting resources to clients across a wide range of industries such as insurance, banking, general financial services, telecommunications, eCommerce/Internet, aviation, healthcare and plus other emerging technologies domains.

Benefits of hiring contract staff? 

    • Technical expertise / niche skillsets – bring increased productivity to an organisation, hit the ground running.

    • Flexibility – useful option for project and/or seasonalwork. 

    • Employers not liable for pensions, sick pay, holiday pay, or health insurance and compulsory taxes such as Employer’s PRSI.

    • Costing saving on upskilling & training.

    • Contractors are generally 100% autonomous in their work.

    • Speed to Hire.

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